“And have nothing to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.”

– Ephesians 5:11

The Florida Pro-life Network is founded on a few simple points. We can change our culture’s view on abortion simply by exposing the true face of the abortion industry.

1. Only the church can stop child killing. The world follows the church when we are walking in righteousness. But when the church follows the world, our civil leadership falls to the lowest common denominator. It is the church through its weak pastors and leaders that is responsible for the abortion holocaust. It is vital that the church repent and cast Jezebel out of our midst.
2. Pro-life is pro-Personhood. Every human being is a Person with the God-given right to life from the beginning of biological development until natural death. “Pro-life” measures that include exceptions or an incremental approach are secular and worldly in nature and can never succeed because they cower before the gates of hell, not having the spiritual authority to overcome them.
3. This is not a political or social battle — it is a covenantal battle. Pro-abortion laws are not fought against because of political expediency. Child murder is a gross act of rebellion and idolatry against God. When our local churches or denominations are disobedient or tepid, we have a responsibility to band together as the church militant to fight a battle both within and without — to lovingly and with great patience call the church to repentancee as Jesus is loving and patient with His Bride and to confront the gates of hell working with whatever church leadership is willing and able to confront them.
4. We use biblical terminology in describing abortion. Abortionists are “baby killers.” Any medical clinic that performs abortions is a “killing place.” Abortion rights promoters are the modern equivalent of “the prophets of Baal” and the women’s centers where these murders are committed are the modern equivalent of “the high places” where children are sacrificed to idols. We don’t shrink back from using sharp rhetoric.
5. Abortion is a Gospel issue. It is not primarily a political or social issue. It is the idolatry of child sacrifice on the altars of money, sex and power. The church can be successful in stopping abortion when we take it very personally as an affront to our Bridegroom, Jesus Christ. We will be successful when we realize that politicians play a part in this, but the primary responsibility in confronting idolatry rests with the Church. 

 6. The most effective form of action is direct action. We need to stop thinking that we can elect people to do our job. Abortion must be stopped through direct action first. We win the battle whenever we show up. If we can do show up consistently, the culture war and the reformation of our nation’s laws will follow. Child killing must be eventually defeated in the courts and legislatures, but first the battles must be won on the streets.

7. We will be judged by God and by history as to whether we obeyed from the beginning. Partial obedience is disobedience. Delayed obedience is disobedience. Incremental obedience is disobedience. God requires total obedience to the best of our knowledge and ability.

8. God is calling each of us to an attitude of repentance. The war isn’t going to be won by a clever or pragmatic approach. It is going to be won because God sees full repentance among a remnant of His people. I submit that the remnant is here, but simply needs to be activated with this knowledge that we are in a covenantal battle and that we will inevitably win the war if we obey. If we work toward Personhood now, we will eventually get there. If we delay our obedience, then we will be counted among those who opposed Personhood when our support was needed the most.

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