Betancourt, Fernando Ricardo (verified) – Ft. Myers, Sarasota, Altamonte Springs

Killing Places:

Ft Myers Women’s Health Center
3900 Broadway
Bldg C
Ft Myers, FL 33901

Southwest Florida Regional Medical Center
13681 Doctors Way
Fort Myers, FL

All Women’s Health Center of Sarasota
2700 South Tamiami Trail
Suite 5
Sarasota, FL 34239

All Women’s Health Center of Orlando
431 Maitland Ave
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

YOB: c. 1959

This practitioner currently holds staff privileges at the following hospital/medical/health institutions:

Lee Memorial Hospital & Lee Memorial Hospital Health Park, Ft Myers

Accomplices: Gary Dresden, owner of All Women’s Health Centers

Patients rate Abortionist Betancourt


I had a procedure done by Fernando Betancourt, he did not speak one word to me, one of his nurses checked my blood to see if I was Rh- negative to determine whether I needed an extra shot before having an abortion, they told me it was negative, I literally had to argue with the staff because I knew I was Rh- negative, after re-checking my blood (she had my blood all over her fingers and no gloves) they said, “Oh, you’re right, it’s going to be another $50. Having an abortion is a horrible decision to make, he doesn’t even speak to the patients, at my checkup he said, “Your bladder isn’t full like they said it should be.” He was obviously very angry and walked out of the room. I’m young, I was scared and actually had some complications, but wasn’t given the opportunity to talk about them. He is a very angry and cold person and obviously has done this procedure one too many times and by looking at him you just can tell that he’s not a good person. Most of his staff is the same way. They first want you to pay, then in and out. Before you have it done, they say there is a recovery room that you are welcome to stay in as long as you need. As soon as I had it done, I was still very out of it and I asked for the recovery room because I wanted to make sure everything was okay, instead they pretty much pushed me back to the exit and grabbed my husband. I am sure that if you did the research on this doctor. you will find tons of things wrong so if you’re trying to make a decision I would first say don’t have an abortion but if you’re going to see someone who actually gives an ounce of care to you.


I was referred for an abortion to Betancourt’s Sarasota location. His staff was moderately concerned and sympathetic considering the nature of the clinic. I understand it is easy to become desensitized after working in this field for many years. However, Betancourt has no bedside manner. He never introduced himself, did not make eye contact and barked commands, “Untie this…untie this!” (referring to the strings on my pants). “Move down, move down.” He was harsh, disconnected and, if one believes in a soul, soul-less. I began sobbing on the table during the procedure only to hear, “Tilt your butt down, keep it down!” “Move down!” I wasn’t expecting a parade for the event, but a subtle touch of humanity goes a long way. I’m not livestock, I’m a person.


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